Sunrise Smiles: Wholesome Delights for Kids' Breakfast

Kid's Morning Adventure

Nurture growing appetites with our “Kid’s Morning Adventure,” featuring a wholesome combination of free-range egg, beef sausage, crispy hash browns, baked beans, and toasted white bloomer bread. This tasty feast provides a balanced and delicious start to the day, ensuring your child gets the energy they need for a morning filled with excitement and joy

+£1.50 scrambled eggs

Sunshine Scramble Delight

Experience breakfast joy with our “Sunshine Scramble Delight,” a delightful fusion of fluffy scrambled eggs and kid-approved omelet style. Served with toasted white bloomer bread, this meal brings a burst of morning sunshine to your plate, ensuring a cheerful and satisfying start to the day

Playful Palate Trio Harmony

Indulge in the “Playful Palate Trio Harmony” – a delightful combination of two slices of freshly made bakery-toasted white bloomers, generously adorned with smooth butter and your choice of flavorful jam. This simple yet satisfying offering creates a joyful symphony for your palate, making breakfast a delightful and memorable experience

Munchtime Magic: Wholesome Delights for Kids' Lunch & Dinner

Crispy Critter Tenders Delight

Treat the little ones to our “Crispy Critter Tenders Delight” – breaded, handmade marinated buttermilk chicken thigh strips that bring big smiles with every tiny taste. Served alongside golden French fries, this kid-friendly dish ensures a crispy and flavorful adventure for their taste buds, making mealtime a joyous occasion

Tiny Clucker Delight

Experience bite-sized joy in every bun with our “Tiny Clucker Delight.” Indulge in child-grilled, handmade marinated chicken breast paired with crisp lettuce, all nestled within a freshly made bakery brioche bun. Enhanced with our homemade Affogato Burger Sauce and served with golden French fries, this delightful creation ensures a flavorful and satisfying treat for the little ones

Little Ranchero Burger

Ignite the taste buds of small adventurers with our “Little Ranchero Burger,” featuring child-grilled, handmade Angus aged beef and crisp lettuce nestled in a freshly made bakery brioche bun. Enhanced with our homemade Affogato Burger Sauce and served with golden French fries, this burger packs big flavor in every bite, ensuring a satisfying and flavorful experience for the little ones

Handcrafted Buttermilk Bliss Burger

Indulge in the blissful symphony of flavors with our “Handcrafted Buttermilk Bliss Burger.” Featuring fried, handmade marinated buttermilk chicken thighs, crisp lettuce, and a freshly made bakery brioche bun, all elevated by our signature homemade Affogato Burger Sauce. Paired with golden French fries, this handcrafted creation promises a delightful culinary experience that satisfies your cravings with every bite

Cheesy Galaxy Mac

Embark on a cosmic delight with our “Cheesy Galaxy Mac,” featuring child-sized curly macaroni adorned with a crusty cheese topping. This classic dish promises a journey of flavor for young explorers, providing a comforting and delicious experience that’s out of this world

Sweet Adventures: Irresistible Desserts for Little Explorers

Maple Morning Pancake Delight

Treat the young ones to a morning of kid’s homemade bliss with our “Maple Morning Pancake Delight.” Savor the joy in every bite of freshly cooked homemade pancakes, generously drizzled with maple syrup and dusted with icing sugar. This delightful breakfast ensures a sweet start to the day, creating cherished moments of happiness for the little ones

Nutella Dreamstack

Experience the whimsical wonders of our “Nutella Dreamstack.” Delight in freshly cooked homemade pancakes, transformed into buttermilk pillows, generously adorned with Nutella sauce and a touch of icing sugar. This delightful creation, crowned with whipped cream, guarantees a dreamy experience that captures the imagination and taste buds of kids with every fluffy bite

ChocoChurro Bliss

Indulge in a world of delight with our “ChocoChurro Bliss” – freshly cooked homemade churros, coated in cinnamon sugar and adorned with a decadent Nutella drizzle. This kid-friendly treat promises a burst of homemade delights, ensuring every bite is a moment of joy and sweet satisfaction for the young ones

ChocoChurro Heaven

Dive into a world of sweetness with our “ChocoChurro Heaven” – freshly cooked homemade churros, generously coated in cinnamon sugar, and accompanied by a rich chocolate ganache dip. This delightful treat promises sugar-coated delights that transport kids to a heavenly realm of flavor, creating moments of pure joy with every irresistible bite

QuenchBuddies: Fun and Flavorful Kids' Drinks

ChocoCloud Kids' Cappuccino

Indulge your little ones with our Milky Marvel with a Chocolate Twist, crafted to delight their taste buds with a perfect blend of creamy milkiness and rich chocolate flavor, ensuring a delightful treat every time

Sunshine Orange Squeeze

Brighten up your kids’ day with our Freshly Juiced Joy for Kids, featuring the refreshing Sunshine Orange Squeeze bursting with vitamin C goodness, ensuring a zesty and healthy delight with every sip

Apple Orchard Oasis

Experience the crisp essence of autumn with our Freshly Squeezed Delight for Kids, featuring the Apple Harvest Sip, a tantalizing blend of freshly picked apples, delivering a burst of fruity flavor and natural goodness in every sip

*Please ask a member of staff about allergies and gluten-free meals.

We charge 10% Service Charges.

*These items may be served raw and/or undercooked. Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of a foodborne illness especially when you have a medical condition